I Used To Love Her -Part 7: Cloudy Vision


“They found him laid out about two hours ago.”  said Detective Mitchell.

A confused David was still trying to assess the situation.

“Hello Detective Mitchell. My name is David. I am a friend of Allen’s. What the heck happened here?”

“David, we are trying to figure that out just like you are.”

There lied the body of Allen in his bathroom floor motionless with Karen and Detective Mitchell still trying to figure out what happened.

“Well hello Karen. Didn’t expect to see you here.”

“I wasn’t expecting to see you here either. When I got here, the door was cracked open and I was yelling for Allen but he never answered the door. I searched through the house and then I found this,” said Karen as she began to break down at the sight of Allen.

“Well officer, if there is anything we can do, please let us know. We better get Karen out of here Marlon.”

Marlon helped get Karen out of the bathroom as the police looked over the murder scene for their good friend Allen. Meanwhile, they were still stunned at where Allen was living.

“Did any of you know he was living here?” said David.

Marlon almost immediately answered after David finished his sentence.

“Well apparently Karen knew because she was here before any of us.”

At that point, Karen had to think of something to cover her tracks. She did not kill Allen, but she did want to make sure to cover her tracks for the real reason she came over there.

“I was the first one contracted by the police Marlon. I don’t know what you’re trying to insinuate, but I had nothing to do with what happened to Allen.”

Marlon heard Karen talking, but he still didn’t trust what she was saying, especially with what David told him about his stay at Karen’s house.

“Well, I guess it’s time to go home.” said Marlon.

Karen quickly nixed that idea.

“Why stay at home tonight? After this discovery today, I think we all needs some drinks.”

“Karen, me and David are going back to my house. Cool?

“Well, maybe David is hungry and you just don’t know it?” said Karen as she gave a signal to Marlon.

As soon as Marlon saw the signal, he knew where this conversation was going to go. And when they got to an area out of ears-reach of David, Karen turned into the obsessive woman over David again.

“You make sure you and David are there tonight at that bar. If not, it could get really dangerous for you.”

At that point, Marlon was beginning to think on how much he valued his life and that he didn’t need problems.

“Okay. He will be there.”

Marlon and Karen headed back over to David after their conversation and Marlon definitely had a different tone about him.

“David, I am hungry. Maybe we can go to the bar early and get some food before getting those drinks.”

David could tell something was going on with Marlon, but he didn’t want to discuss it in front of Karen.

The three parted ways from there after David agreed to go out to eat and as Marlon and David were getting in their car, David began to ask him what was wrong.

“You have to tell me what is going on Marlon.”

“Well, Karen essentially told me I had to bring you to the bar tonight David.”

“Well what made you agree?”

She said that I would be sorry if I didn’t.”

David heard that and immediately thought Karen was the reason Allen was dead.

“We have got to get a plan together for tonight Marlon. If we don’t, we could end up like Allen.”

Thinking it through, Marlon agreed and as the two rode to the bar, they concocted a plan.  They had been to this bar before and with that advantage on their side, Marlon and David had a while before Karen showed up. Once they arrived at the bar, they began to think on how they could handle the situation with Karen.

While Marlon and David were at the bar, Karen went home to change. She took off the things she wore earlier to seduce and put on some jeans and t-shirt, which were much more comfortable for her. As Karen was heading out the door and getting into her car, she felt someone was watching her, but when she turned around no one was there.

“Maybe I’m losing my mind,” Karen said to herself as she shook her head, got in her vehicle and headed to the bar.

Once she arrived, the scene was set as she walked in. Marlon and David were sitting in the back corner at a table awaiting her presence. “There Goes My Baby’ by Usher was playing softly in the bar as the band was getting ready to set up as Karen glided across the room and met eyes with David.

“Hey fellas. How are you? Have you already ordered a round?”

Karen, this is our spot. You know me and Marlon already got started on the rounds. We already have taken some shots in honor of Allen. You want one?”

“We don’t mind if I do.”

“Marlon, got get us another round.”

The plan was in action now as Marlon was supposed to go to the bar and get the three shots. And while at the bar, Marlon was supposed to put some roofies in her drink. Before Karen had gotten there, Marlon had scooped some roofies from a patron in the bar so he and David could execute his plan. Marlon got one part of the plan right. He got the drinks from the bar, but what he did not do was put the roofies all in Karen’s drink. Instead, he accidentally put them in two of the three drinks.

As Marlon made it back to the table, he forgot which drink he was supposed to put the roofies in, further complicating the plan. He distributed them out hoping he didn’t give the wrong one to David.

“A toast to Allen. Our friend. Our brother. He will be missed.”

All three downed the shots of Tequila as they all began to share memories of Allen.  They all three were just thinking and remembering their friend when all of a sudden David and Marlon passed out on the table.

Karen looked at both of them, stunned at what just happened in front of her.

“Bartender, how much did they have to drink before I got here.”

“Not much Karen. I don’t know what is going on with them. Maybe light drinkers?” the bartender said as he shrugged his shoulders.

Karen deducted that they were drugged, but she didn’t know how it happened and who did it. Even though there was concern about Marlon, Karen took this opportunity to scoop David back up.

“Hey bartender. You got anyone that can help me get my boyfriend to the car.”

The bartender motioned to his help and ironically, it was the guy who sold Marlon the roofie. He apparently was not on the clock when Marlon bought the roofies. As he made it over to the table, he recognized Marlon and could only shake his head.

“I guess they wanted to use the roofies on themselves.” he said.

“Roofies huh.” said Karen.

As they carried David outside, she had some thoughts about what to do with Marlon.

“Can you help me carry the other guy, Marlon, to my car? I’m going to play a prank on him. Help me put him in the trunk. And don’t think of turning me down. You already said you sold them roofies. You don’t want any jail time do you?”

The bartender help obliged and helped Karen put Marlon in the trunk.

“Thank you. Now what is your name?”

“My name is Ezekiel.”

“Ezekiel, you just got lucky tonight I didn’t kill you for helping them. I better not here anything about what you helped me do tonight anywhere.”

Ezekiel shook his head and went back inside to the bar.

“Where am I?” said David as he woke up to himself being strapped to a chair in a barn.

“Welcome back to me David.”






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