I Used To Love Her Part 6: Stakes Are High

Karen was sitting there staring at her parents. She had put two holes through their foreheads out of her anger for David leaving. She loved David with all her heart, so along with David leaving, it hurt Karen even more that her parents didn’t think it was a real relationship for her.

“I bet they know it’s real now,” said Karen as she began to clean up the mess she had made.

She first went to wrap the bodies in something so the blood would not get on anything else. Once she wrapped the bodies up, she was able to move them to her closet while she thought of what to do with them. And after moving the bodies, she began to clean up the blood splattered on her walls. After cleaning up, then she knew it was time to find David and she knew the first person she needed to call.

While Marlon and David were speeding to his house, Marlon’s phone rang. Marlon glanced down and noticed it was Karen calling his phone.

“You gonna answer that?” said David.

“Nope. Not anyone I want to talk to right now David.”

Marlon’s phone would eventually stop ringing from that one call but then another call would come through and another and anoter.

“I think you need to pick that call up Marlon. Someone seems to be seriously trying to get in touch with you. ”

“It’s just some crazy woman I met David. I’m trying to avoid her.”

“So, you been hitting the dating scene huh Marlon? Who is this woman that’s crazy over you?”

“Her name is Eva,” said Marlon, as he made up a name on the spot.

“So what did you do to make her so crazy about you man?”

“Well, I do what I do,” said Marlon as he smiled but albeit halfheartedly.

“You gonna have to talk to her eventually Marlon. Or if she is sprung on you enough, she might just show up at your place.”

Marlon heard David say that and sunk in the driver’s side seat a little bit more. He could imagine Karen coming over to his home and being crazy and what he couldn’t stop imagining is Karen telling David the big secret Marlon had.

“Let me ask you a question Marlon. Did you ever know Karen felt how she felt about me?”

“How did you not know David? Didn’t you notice that she was never happy with any girlfriend you ever had and that she was not too happy when you and Marley were around each other?”

“I never noticed that Marlon.”

“And how could you not notice that she wasn’t really sad when Marley was found dead? I honestly think if she wanted to, she would have killed her David.”

“You know Marlon, they never solved that murder nor did they find a murder weapon. And for the record, could we not mention Marley’s name? Thanks.”

“Okay David. Just letting you know that Karen is a little crazy when it comes to you and you seemed to have completely missed that.”

David sat and thought on the words of Marlon while Marlon was thinking how he was going to tell David about him sleeping with Marley before Karen did. Marlon knew it was coming soon and that Karen was going to get back at him somehow someway.

As they pulled into Marlon’s apartment complex, Marlon’s phone rang again and it was again Karen calling him.

“Here are the keys David. You go on ahead inside. I have to take this call.  Eva calling me again.”

David went on in the apartment and Marlon picked up the phone to take the call he had been avoiding the entire ride home.

“Tell me where David is Marlon.”

“I cannot do that at this time Karen.”

“If you don’t tell me where he is, I am going to tell him what you and Marley did in college. I’m sure that will make him feel better.”

“It’s too late. I already told him Karen. And of course he wasn’t too happy with me after I told him. He is staying with Allen wherever that is. I did pick him up, but as soon as I told him, he got out of the car and called Allen after our little tussle in the vehicle.”

“So you did come get him huh? Okay. I will deal with you later, but I have to call Allen. Bye.”

Karen hung up the phone and then proceeded to call Allen while Marlon hung up the phone and went into his apartment.

Karen called Allen multiple times and his phone went straight to voicemail each time. At that point, she was fuming mad and needed answers to find Allen, so she reached out to Ted, her old fling and Allen’s old boss.

“Have you seen Allen, Ted?”

“No Karen. Ever since I fired him, he has not been around here at all.”

“Give me his address Ted.”

“You know I cannot do that Karen.”

“Well, what if I told you I can give you something you want for that address Ted?”

Knowing Ted would not turn down the opportunity to see her, Karen knew she was going to get the address she wanted to get. After she hung up the phone, she got dressed and headed over to Ted’s office.

Meanwhile at Marlon’s place, David was trying to figure out how to get all he needed and what he needed to do about the situation with Karen. While he was going that, Marlon was trying to figure out how to tell one of his best friends about his indiscretion.

“I got it! I’m going to tell her with you and Allen around. That way she can maybe not act like she has been acting around me at the apartment.”

“How has she been acting David?”

“Very crazy and obsessive Marlon. I had to get out of there and her dad warning me was the biggest indication of that. She invited her parents over to meet me and introduce me as her boyfriend. I was shocked.”

“Yeah, you may want people around but I am not sure I want to be around that type of crazy David.”

“Well, I would like to have my boys there with me.”

While David and Marlon were discussing David’s plan, Karen was easing her way into Ted’s office as he came to meet her at the front desk.

“Thanks for taking this meeting,” said Karen as she closed the door to Ted’s office.

When she turned around, she revealed she had a very revealing black lingerie under her black dress that was barely holding on to her breasts. Ted was drooling when seeing her, as he wanted her more than anything.

“The address is 345 Mockingbird Lane. ”

“Ted, didn’t anybody tell you to seal the deal before giving the information?”

Karen buttoned her dress back up, opened the door and left the office. Ted was floored and was wondering how he could have been so stupid as to give out the information before getting to enjoy Karen. Of course he was mad, but what was he going to do in his office? He wasn’t going to cause a scene and lose his job over that.

As soon as Karen got to her car, she put in the address and was on her way to Allen’s house.

While Karen was heading to Allen’s, David was still going on and on about his plan to speak to Karen. Marlon eventually had enough and quickly interrupted him.

“David, I have something to tell you and you will not like it.”

As soon as Marlon was going to tell David the secret he had been holding all these years, Marlon’s phone rang again but this time it was the police.

“Hello. Is this Marlon Anderson?”

“Yes it is. Who is this?”

“This is Detective Mitchell from the police department, Do you know a Allen Crabtree?”


“We need you to get to his house right now. He has been found unconscious on his bathroom floor. We been trying to reach out to his family, but he has you, David and Karen as listed kin.”

“Officer, can you give us the address. He never let anyone know where he stayed.”

“345 Mockingbird Lane and get here quick.”

“I’m on my way.”

“David, we are going to have to table our talk. They found Allen unconscious at his house. We need to get over there pronto. I have the address”

David and Marlon jetted out the door headed to Allen’s, which was interestingly enough only ten minutes away from Marlon’s apartment.

David and Marlon pulled up and hopped out of the car as fast as possible and as they walked closer and closer to his apartment, they asked for Detective Mitchell.

“Can someone get us Detective Mitchell please? We need some answers.”

“Come this way,” said one officer.

The officer led them into a very seedy looking apartment that had had a very flimsy wooden door and once they went in, the stench of dirty laundry, dirty dishes and body odor knocked both of them back a little.

“I did not know Allen was living like this,” said David.

“Me either David.”

“Detective Mitchell is right in the bathroom examining the scene.”

David and Marlon headed to the bathroom, prepared for anything at this point since they did not expect the stench they got. As they opened the door, there laid Allen motionless on the floor while the detective checked him out. And to the surprise of David and Marlon, there was someone else there looking at their friend.

“Hello again Karen.”


One thought on “I Used To Love Her Part 6: Stakes Are High

  1. Having secrets is not a good idea and this bunch of “friends” is in the secret-hoarding business! What else are they all hiding from one another? Still can’t believe Karen killed her own parents. Scratch that, actually I can believe it. Nothing she would not do! Looking forward to part 7 🙂


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