Welcome To The Table, the Influential Show the Bay Area Needed (@welcometothetable_)


I heard about Welcome To The Table (WTTT) last year when one of the hosts Marquis reached out to me about being involved with season 2. Although I was unable to be involved, I was very impressed with the concept and themes that were being discussed. According to their YouTube Channel, WTTT is:

“Striving to be a show that represents the world around us, we’ve created this for you. Tackling the issues that matter to US. The very first show to put our perspective and our reality first. Unpacking the ideas and fresh minds of today with the hope to influence the minds of tomorrow. We welcome you to have a seat at our table.”

Themes discussed on the show thus far include R.Kelly, hip hop, police brutality, prostitution, Kanye West, social media and sexuality. The episode below about gender roles that was released earlier this year is one of my personal favorites:

I like that WTTT features dialogue from both men and women. A lot of talk shows only include one sex and I feel like a lot of the time that provides a very one sided conversation. The very diverse panelists that WTTT has creates very intriguing conversation that makes it impossible to stop watching. I watched the very first episode titled “Men Are Trash! (He Said It!)” and couldn’t help but watch the next one and the one after that.

WTTT is currently gearing up for their third season and honestly I can’t wait. Two months ago on their Instagram page they posted a casting call for “well spoken, opinionated, expressive, free thinking millenials to share their unbiased well thought out perspectives.” Every panelist that has been involved with the show is carefully selected and it shows through the depths of the conversations. Everyone appears to be educated, unbiased and prepared to thoughtfully discuss the topic at hand, which I appreciate as a viewer.

To stay in touch with Welcome To The Table and receive live updates, make sure to subscribe to their YouTube Channel and follow their Instagram page!


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