Eccentric Vibes: New November Vintage/Retro Inventory

CoFounder of QMC, Imani Baylor has new inventory for your shopping pleasure ! If you are a fan of 80s and 90s fashion head over to today to see what new vintage/retro garments she has collected for the month of November !


Imani Baylor is CoFounder of Queen Media Collective and Owner of Eccentric Vibes.


All items have been previously owned but are in great condition !

20181104_161138 (1)

Jackets, Blazers, Bombers, Blouses, and Tops is what you can look forward to seeing on her website under “Eccentric Vibes” category


More styles and selections to come for Black Friday !

Lookout for deals and keep up with her newest designs on IG @eccentric_vibes_online !


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