The Importance of Leadership Skills

Everyone should want to be a leader, but some people are followers. I used to be a follower. I never had any good ideas and I didn’t know what decisions to make so I found it easier to just imitate others. I wanted to be “cool” so a lot of times I ignored my first choice and went with what others were doing. I regret this so much to this day. If I would of lead instead of followed I would have been close to my favorite rapper Rick Ross… okay let me back track.

Six years ago there was a MMG tour at San Jose State. Rick Ross, Wale and Meek Mill were all there and at this point in time I was a HUGE fan. I ended up going to the concert with around six other people. We got to the venue early and we were all super excited for the show, especially since we were getting all of these hot rappers for a mere $45. My plan from the get go was to be line up early so I could be right in the front of the stage since the tickets were general admission. Suddenly my whole world changed when my friends made the executive decision to stand on the side next to the bleachers in case they wanted to sit down during the show. I knew what I wanted… I wanted to be in the front of Rick Ross rapping every word and singing every word… I wanted to be so close that eye contact was made… I… wanted… to… be… in the front! I was thinking all these thoughts in my head when suddenly my mouth said “ok.” I agreed with my friends and decided to stand on the side as far away from the stage as could be. Clearly they weren’t as big of MMG fans as I expected and because of them, I missed the opportunity of a life time. I was sooo irritated after the show, but who could I be irritated with but myself? ALWAYS lead and NEVER be a follower.

Following others gets you nowhere in life and it is a poor quality. I still think about this concert, because that is the biggest of many occasions where I followed the majority opinion and didn’t do what I wanted to do. Do not be that person. Take the lead and suggest ideas, regardless of how confident you feel in the process. I am glad that I now consider myself a leader. I noticed that every job application asks you if you consider yourself a leader or follower. I know that people usually lie and tell employers what they want to hear, but it feels good to honestly be able to list I am a leader. Not “somewhat agree”, but “completely agree.” The only way to succeed in life is to be a leader and stand out.

Following is the safe route to take, but as growing adults developing leadership skills are important. People like Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs and Barack Obama wouldn’t of achieved the success they have today without being able to lead. If you are a follower and you know it do not be discouraged. Leadership skills can definitely be learned and old habits can be changed. After that concert, realized I had to make my own decisions and stop hiding behind others.

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