My Life Be Like

Running Back To An Ex… Don’t Do It!

Photo by Avonne Stalling on On several occasions I've found myself running back to what's and/or who is familiar to me and it most cases the outcome has always been the same. I'm sitting there regretting making a U-Turn to go back to the place I've left for a specific reason, wishing I would… Continue reading Running Back To An Ex… Don’t Do It!

My Life Be Like

The She Series – “The Death of She”

Hello Everyone! Today I wanted to do something new. Usually I'd give you all some poems from my poetry collection, The Diary of She, but it's time to jump back into my zone. In order to do that I wanted to create something no one has seen before. I hope you all enjoy!   Blood… Continue reading The She Series – “The Death of She”


Five Year Hoe Phase

A lot of people don't know this, but I lost my virginity at 14. My high school boyfriend who I thought I "loved" convinced me to do it and I definitely wasn't ready. I was so spooked and ashamed that I let my older boyfriend manipulate me that I didn't have sex again until I… Continue reading Five Year Hoe Phase