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6 Years Single & Over Dating

Photo by on For most of my life I had always been the girl that had a boyfriend. Having a guy was like having my favorite accessory on and when I didn't have it I felt like something was missing. When one guy left there was always another waiting close by. I was… Continue reading 6 Years Single & Over Dating

Hidden Gems

Meet 5-Year-Old Basketball Prodigy Sosa Cruz

Basketball prodigy Sosa Taeko Cruz was born in Atlanta, Georgia on May 10, 2014. She is the fourth born of five children and in her spare time she enjoys gymnastics, watching Spongebob Squarepants and playing with her Shopkins. Her first love, however, is basketball. Sosa attended her 1st high school basketball game at nine months… Continue reading Meet 5-Year-Old Basketball Prodigy Sosa Cruz

Go Awf!

How Social Conditioning Created a Culture of Toxic Hyper-Masculinity

Why do some Black men equate masculinity to violence, danger, and lack of emotion? Why is it so important for these men to assert their masculinity in every situation? Unlike other races, Black masculinity is like no other. In defining Black masculinity, you must look at the stereotypical images of the Black man portrayed in… Continue reading How Social Conditioning Created a Culture of Toxic Hyper-Masculinity


The Perfect One

Right before high school started my friend Curtis Philips introduced my friends and I to some high school guys who lived in his neighborhood. We started hanging out with these dudes and they were so cool! Meeting them gave me high hopes about high school, because they were all in the 11th grade and most… Continue reading The Perfect One