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Candomblé (Part I)

One of the most memorable moments that I experienced during the trip to my homeland, Brazil earlier this year, was unexpectedly stumbling upon a ceremony known as Festival of Lemanja. It was at a locals’ beach adjacent to Pão de Açúcar  (Sugarloaf Mountain) that I saw a large group of mostly Afro-Brazilians gathered under a… Continue reading Candomblé (Part I)

My Life Be Like

Pursuing P.U.R.P.O.S.E – Pt 4

Prosperity In case you didn't guess, this post is going to be about money. Do you really think I would be working so hard that my eyelids droop sometimes, missing out on the "fun" of my 20s, and constantly working on becoming a better business woman if I did not see it making me money?… Continue reading Pursuing P.U.R.P.O.S.E – Pt 4

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Art and Wine Walk- Jack London Square

Saturday, May 11th from 12-5 PM, Jack London Square and Second Saturday hosted another great Art and Wine Festival. More than 20 Northern California wineries offered tastings, 60 artisans and vendors displayed their crafts and artwork, lastly live music and dancing filled the square with great vibes. Tickets were sold on and the Jack… Continue reading Art and Wine Walk- Jack London Square

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New President for Blacks?

It’s been awhile guys, but let’s jump straight into this. With talks of the next presidential election coming along, we have Marianne Williamson who has thrown her hat into the ring. Many of you might know her as Oprah Winfrey’s spiritual advisor, I myself have just heard of recently and that is because she made… Continue reading New President for Blacks?

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The Current State of Hip Hop: Are We Doomed?

If you think that I’m about to start this off like the intro to Brown Sugar you might as well leave now because it’s about to get real. Hip-hop is and has always been something that has been used as a tool or outlet to express ourselves.  Since the day the first MC spoke into… Continue reading The Current State of Hip Hop: Are We Doomed?