The Culture Junkies Will Celebrate Their 2 Year Anniversary This Sunday (@Theculturejunkies)


Two years ago, five educated individuals got together to form one of the hottest up and coming brands in the Bay Area- The Culture Junkies (TCJ). The current owners of the brand are Corinthian Criner, Cameron Burks and Aaron Hodnett and their general managers are Shamari Bell and Dayina Darby. TCJ have been consistently curating quality events for the culture and they show no signs of slowing down. On May 26th, 2019, TCJ will be celebrating their two year anniversary at Blue Dream Lounge in West Oakland, California.

Since their inception, TCJ have worked with several black owned venues to help add to the need for culturally-centered events for young black professionals in Oakland and the Bay Area as a whole. Their mission as a brand is to provide memorable experiences while helping to add to the culture in as many ways creatively as possible. Whether it’s through events, apparel, media, etc., they want to be a strong force to be reckon within the culture from their niche in the marketplace.

I was introduced to TCJ by my sister Keiko who was one of their photographers for their events. I was so intrigued by the brand and the founders’ energies that I reached out to them to do an interview. The interview went so well and I was honored to receive so much insight on how the brand was established and to hear TCJ’s vision for the future. Although the owners all have different personalities and backgrounds, I am impressed with how they were able to unify and create events of such a high caliber. Since meeting TCJ I have never stopped supporting them and I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

Their 2-year anniversary celebration on May 26th is going to be huge! They are collaborating with Russell North and his Skydivers Club Int’l brand under his Canned Goods events at Blue Dream in West Oakland, California. The event will feature musical artists Kool John and Offset Jim and the DJ’s Red Corvette, DJ Millions and DJ Climaxxx will be providing the sounds. Coming from someone who regularly attends their events, you don’t want to miss this.

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In addition to letting you know about this amazing brand and their upcoming anniversary celebration, we’d like to announce that this summer TCJ will be collaborating with Queen Media Collective for an episode of our upcoming web series, Reckless Behavior the Series. In addition to the brand co-producing this episode and making guest appearances, they will also be co-hosting an after party with us to celebrate the collaboration. We are so excited to be working with them! Stay tuned for more details.

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To receive live updates and stay in touch with the Culture Junkies, make sure you follow them on all social media outlets and visit their official website!

IG: @theculturejunkies

Twitter: @CltrJunkies

FB: The Culture Junkies




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