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How Digital Activism Campaigns Build Community

Digital activism campaigns are an effective means of protest in our modern-day society. These campaigns are beneficial in rebuilding communities and providing a circle of support. Thousands of young TikTok users and Kpop fans were given credit the small Tulsa turnout. On June 20th, 2020, Trump appeared in Tulsa to what was expected to be… Continue reading How Digital Activism Campaigns Build Community

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Humanizing Immigrants and Refugees – A Conversation With Emily Mata

A year ago on February 9th, 2019, I took a road trip to Santa Barbara to see an art show put together by Emily Mata, an art student at Westmont college. A photo I had shared with her was painted portraying the bond I share with an American citizen, despite our different heritage and race.… Continue reading Humanizing Immigrants and Refugees – A Conversation With Emily Mata


Candidate Profile: Pete Buttigieg

Background: Born in South Bend, Indiana 37 years old Majored in History and Literature at Harvard University President of Harvard's Institute of Policy Student Advisory Committee Resume: Naval Intelligence officer 2009-2017 Mayor of South Bend, Indiana (2012-present) Youngest Mayor in South Bend History Pros: In favor of universal background checks Wants to end the electoral… Continue reading Candidate Profile: Pete Buttigieg


Candidate Profile: Bernie Sanders

Background Born in Brooklyn 77 years old Jewish Father came to the US from Poland and mother was a US Jew Graduated from University of Chicago in 1964 with a Bachelors in Political Science Resume 37th Mayor of Burlington, 1981-1989 Congressmen ,U.S. House of Representatives for the State of Vermont, 1991-2007 U.S. Senator 2007- present… Continue reading Candidate Profile: Bernie Sanders

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Oakland Women’s March 2019

This past weekend was a major comeback for Eccentric Vibes. Vending has been slow for me due to work and lack of funds for vendor fees. But for 2019, I want to do new events and have new experiences no matter what the circumstance. I was personally asked to be a vendor for the Women’s… Continue reading Oakland Women’s March 2019

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Yes, It’s Time For a Blexit

Yeah, I said it. Its time for a mass exodus of black people from the Democratic Party. No, we shouldn't all go register as Republicans. For every criticism that I give the Democrats, the Republicans are about 10 times worse. On top of most issues, the Republicans gerrymander districts along racial lines to maintain their… Continue reading Yes, It’s Time For a Blexit