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Expected, but not Obligated: Access is a Privilege

No one owes you anything.  Not their time. Not their loyalty. Not their energy. Not even access to them as a person. We take for granted the privileges that others allow of us. We are in no way entitled to anything that doesn’t belong to us. That’s why we should never dwell on what actions… Continue reading Expected, but not Obligated: Access is a Privilege

Hidden Gems

Nipsey Hussle: LA’s Self Made Legend

On Sunday March 31st, community leader, entrepreneur and rapper Nipsey Hussle was murdered outside of his Marathon Clothing Store in the Hyde Park area of Los Angeles. Nipsey was LA’s self-made legend who crafted his own space into the music industry, business and philanthropy by living by the “G Code”, or honoring the code of… Continue reading Nipsey Hussle: LA’s Self Made Legend


Why Cheaters Disgust Me

Watching shows such as "Love and Hip Hop" and "Empire" really have me thinking about how deceitful people can be.  Not to mention the disloyal people around me in my real life. When the argument about cheating versus loyalty comes up I see no justification for cheaters. I have heard so many different excuses from various… Continue reading Why Cheaters Disgust Me