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Unsolicited Advice: Marriage and Weddings

If you wouldn’t marry someone without a wedding, then you probably shouldn’t have one with them. - Hi everyone, Before I jump headfirst into giving and explaining this advice that absolutely no one asked me for, let me explain a little bit about myself. My name is Chelsea, I’m 24 – I’ll be 25 in… Continue reading Unsolicited Advice: Marriage and Weddings

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When Playing Hard to Get, Gets Hard

Situation-ships have made it harder for us to build meaningful, intentional romantic relationships with each other. Like many others in their 20’s, I’ve been on a whirlwind of dates with people who have shown me a great time, provided me with laughter, affirmations, great conversation and good food; all the things that usually keep me… Continue reading When Playing Hard to Get, Gets Hard

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Beauty Over Brains: Are Looks being Chosen Over Personality?

One day I was on Instagram having my normal group conversation with two of my male friends. This group chat usually consisted of funny memes, videos and of course them sharing a bunch of pictures of Instagram models with their asses out and obsessing over phat cats. Let me just say it can be extremely… Continue reading Beauty Over Brains: Are Looks being Chosen Over Personality?

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The Home & Your Future Relationships.

Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash Growing up I came from a household with two parents. I had a father that worked hard to provide and a mother that gave us all her time and advice. For a good 13 years I got to experience two loving parents and I have memories that I hold onto dearly til… Continue reading The Home & Your Future Relationships.

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Have You Truly Moved On?

"How you want me when you got a girl?" -SZA I'd say SZA said it best but trust me when I say I won't be playing anyone's weekend. I can't count the number of times a guy I've dated in the past has expressed how much they want me but the whole time are in… Continue reading Have You Truly Moved On?

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“The Secret Is Out” Anonymous Interview on Sexual Assault !

I really couldn’t find the words to start this article. In fact, I sat looking at the blank page overnight trying to figure out the point I would get across. How I would present myself and my topic to others in an understanding manner. Also, in a way that wouldn't be offensive to others. I… Continue reading “The Secret Is Out” Anonymous Interview on Sexual Assault !