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The Truth of Single Parenthood

Being a parent is truly a wonderful experience. I can’t wait for the day I can experience all the one in a lifetime moments with my children. I commend all parents, but I give a special praise to single parents.  The job of parenting isn’t always an easy task. I’ve known this after watching my… Continue reading The Truth of Single Parenthood


Five Year Hoe Phase

A lot of people don't know this, but I lost my virginity at 14. My high school boyfriend who I thought I "loved" convinced me to do it and I definitely wasn't ready. I was so spooked and ashamed that I let my older boyfriend manipulate me that I didn't have sex again until I… Continue reading Five Year Hoe Phase

My Life Be Like

Set the Trend

Artwork by Thaddeus Coates @hippypotter Black girl don’t cry, they love you again they’re copying your hair, they wanna live in your skin. Wear your bamboo earrings proud, scream ya ghetto ass name out loud, rock ya long finger nails, with red polish you look amazing, they’re all astonished. Black girl don’t cry they’re following… Continue reading Set the Trend