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Leave me in this box.

I am a personI breathe I have feelingsI have a life But to you I'm a dollA play thingSomething you deal with until you get tired of itWhy even pick me up in the first place?Why not just leave me in my box with my pretty clothes and accessories?I was doing fine and you personally… Continue reading Leave me in this box.


I’m Not Bitter, I’m Mad As Hell

It was January 27th. This was the official day I was supposed to move out of California. I was so sad that my trip had to be pushed back a week, because I was ready to start my new life. I fought the urge to see it as a sign, because I was attempting to… Continue reading I’m Not Bitter, I’m Mad As Hell

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Misha’s Room Episode 6: Unresolved Grief

And we're back! Ready for Round 3! lol Hey y'all, welcome back to Misha's Room. I hope y'all have been enjoying the frequent visits. I swear work, grad school, finalizing creative visions, opening a school, recording Misha's Room AND trying to hold my sanity and relationship together is a bitch. But I'm back, and we're… Continue reading Misha’s Room Episode 6: Unresolved Grief

Hidden Gems

Michelle Ana

Michelle Ana is a YouTube Vlogger and blogger that I stumbled upon earlier this year. The first vlog I watched by Michelle Ana had me in tears. It was about her husband who unexpectedly passed away last year. According to Michelle Ana, "My vision for this blog is to always write from a loving… Continue reading Michelle Ana