She’s Really Gone… 😢

She's really gone. My Granny... the woman I was named after... is gone... Sunday seemed like a regular day. I woke up, went to church, cleaned my house and went to chill with my friends. I didn't get to my friends house til 8PM and the plan was to chill for a couple hours then… Continue reading She’s Really Gone… 😢

My Life Be Like

My Grandmother’s Relationship w/ Dementia.

5.7 million American's are estimated to have Alzheimer’s disease with African American's and Hispanics being most likely to suffer from the disease. Two-Thirds of those Alzheimer patients are women but I never thought my grandmother would fall into that category. I'll admit when my mother told me the doctors diagnosed my grandmother with Alzheimer's, which… Continue reading My Grandmother’s Relationship w/ Dementia.