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New Moon New Move

For a moment today I forgot who the fuck I was. Just for a moment I thought that I would have to pack up all of my favorite things inside of a blue IKEA bag. At least the things that I can carry on me and leave at a couple of friends houses. With all… Continue reading New Moon New Move

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Alonge Hawes Taps New Cast Members For ‘Black On Both Sides’

ATLANTA,GA-- Alonge Hawes recently wrapped principle photography on his newest series, Black On Both Sides. As such it has been announced that two new talents have been cast as series regulars. Shani Hawes (Blue Collar Hustle, Live Arts Theater’s Production Of Children Of Eden) and Julian Robinson (Blue Collar Hustle) will join the previously announced Devan… Continue reading Alonge Hawes Taps New Cast Members For ‘Black On Both Sides’


Candidate Profile: Bernie Sanders

Background Born in Brooklyn 77 years old Jewish Father came to the US from Poland and mother was a US Jew Graduated from University of Chicago in 1964 with a Bachelors in Political Science Resume 37th Mayor of Burlington, 1981-1989 Congressmen ,U.S. House of Representatives for the State of Vermont, 1991-2007 U.S. Senator 2007- present… Continue reading Candidate Profile: Bernie Sanders

My Life Be Like

Affirmed Queen Available Today!

I am so excited to be releasing my workbook; "Affirmed Queen, Book of Affirmations for the Woman in Healing." I wrote the book in hopes to give women in search of self-care help. To be able to give women who needed to look within themselves in order to start the process of reprogramming the self… Continue reading Affirmed Queen Available Today!