My Life Be Like, short story

Organized Chaos-Part 5: Love vs Love

DeWayne was a man on fire. “This fool gonna sleep with my woman and get her pregnant. I’m gonna kill him!”   DeWayne was riding in his unmarked police car to the precinct. Although he wasn’t the one who filed the report, he knew where he could get the information on Johnathan and where he… Continue reading Organized Chaos-Part 5: Love vs Love

My Life Be Like, poetry

If You Left

Photo by Fillipe Gomes on Life is short but the journey to happiness seems never ending.  You take ten steps forward just to take ten back. Starting back at zero, wondering if there is anywhere left for you to go. Should you start over again or let it be whatever it’s going to be? You say… Continue reading If You Left

My Life Be Like

My Self/Black Girl Magic

The only thing more painful than growing up as an undocumented immigrant, was finding myself — my true self — as a mixed girl with nurturing of only one of those elements. It’s not lost on me that as a child, being in public places with a white woman by my side allowed me to… Continue reading My Self/Black Girl Magic

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Foreplay IS Sex

Why do we only call something sex once there has been an insertion of a penis into a vagina? We know and understand how this removes non-heterosexuality from a discussion; however, I never thought how limiting "sex" to penetration was damaging to heterosexual women or why.  As always, these are my personal opinions and have… Continue reading Foreplay IS Sex

My Life Be Like, short story

Organized Chaos-Part 4: The Getback

  “I got the last laugh Carolyn,” Rasheeda said as she broke down her rifle.   The shot felt good for her, shooting from far away with no one knowing where the shot came from. She saw Johnathan in the distance looking off to where the bullet came from and trying to find out the… Continue reading Organized Chaos-Part 4: The Getback

My Life Be Like

Why Situationship Break-Ups Hurt

We’ve all fallen victim to engaging in a situationship. Sometimes you don’t know you’re in one until it’s over. You get to know someone, you make plans, and create inside jokes. Then, one day the feeling isn’t the same. The openness of “getting to know each other” becomes inconvenient. The other people you both consider… Continue reading Why Situationship Break-Ups Hurt

My Life Be Like, short story

Organized Chaos- Part 3: Dead Wrong

  Bang! The shot rang loud and clear as Carolyn took in a bullet. She fell to the ground, and immediately the consciousness of her body began to fade. The white light got bright as she heard Johnathan sadly holding her and sobbing because she was dying. The end was there for Carolyn as her… Continue reading Organized Chaos- Part 3: Dead Wrong

My Life Be Like

My Childhood in Rio

When I first arrived in the United States in the summer of 1998, my mother and I lived in my uncle's house in Berkeley, California. He had sponsored our tourist visa. After picking us up from LAX, he took us to Disneyland and Universal Studios, before we made the six hour drive to his home.… Continue reading My Childhood in Rio

My Life Be Like, short story

Organized Chaos-Part 2: Chess Not Checkers

“Where do I go from here?” Johnathan kept saying that to himself after what he just went through. He loved his wife, Carolyn. He thought he was the guy who put the twinkle in her eye, but it was Eric who did so and not him. His anger was still resonating within him over Carolyn… Continue reading Organized Chaos-Part 2: Chess Not Checkers