My Life Be Like, short story

Organized Chaos-Part 2: Chess Not Checkers

“Where do I go from here?” Johnathan kept saying that to himself after what he just went through.

He loved his wife, Carolyn. He thought he was the guy who put the twinkle in her eye, but it was Eric who did so and not him. His anger was still resonating within him over Carolyn trying to kill him in a plot to be with Eric, but here he is, holding her bloody body in his arms, crying that Carolyn was gone. The conflicting feelings within him were only blocked out by the sound of sirens from the police arriving to the scene. He wanted to tell the truth and let Eric take the full blame, but he just could not do so.

  “It was an attempted robbery and my precious Carolyn is gone,” Johnathan said to the officer as the paramedics took her body away.

  After meeting with the police and answering all their questions, Johnathan got in his car, replaying the sad state of events that almost had him loose his life. He had cried over Carolyn and did not want to see her die, but after he saw the body get rolled away, the sadness and madness at her and Eric’s plan began to turn into a crazy smile on his face.

  Johnathan may have been married to Carolyn, but he wasn’t the only one being unfaithful. Carolyn had once told him she wanted kids, but he told her he couldn’t produce kids. Well, that wasn’t entirely true coming from Johnathan. Somehow, he and Carolyn were not able to conceive kids, but he wasn’t sterile.

  Unbeknownst to Carolyn, Johnathan already knew what was going down between Carolyn and Eric and he had started doing his own thing. He hadn’t seen his wife much over the last few months because he had supposedly been working later than usual and when he arrived home, he would slide into the sheets while she was fast asleep.  

  One night, Johnathan was at a lounge a few weeks after finding out about the Eric/Carolyn affair. As he downed his Budweiser and stared down the bottle, there was a figure through the glass that caught his eye.

“What’s your name?,” Johnathan said with a smile.

 “My name is Rasheeda,” she said.

  Johnathan was mesmerized by this 5’6” voluptuous woman who appeared in front of him wearing a lowcut and tight-fitting red dress that screamed sex to him.

  “I’ll be back after I finish my set,” she said with a smile as she turned around and gave Johnathan a visual of what she was working with from behind.

  Johnathan was a little buzzed but he was well aware that she was digging him and he was definitely digging her. As she belted out the lyrics to “Say Yes” by Floetry, Johnathan found himself saying yes to her in his mind while virtually undressing her with his eyes. As she was singing, it seemed as if they were the only two in the room and she was giving him a personal performance.

  After he performance, the two sat at the bar and had a drink or two before Rasheeda took him back to her place. At that point, it was apparent what was going to happen. Johnathan ripped off Rasheeda’s clothes and began to ravish her body as she panted and moaned. The two would make love over and over and Johnathan would completely loose track of time, as he was supposed to be home several hours ago.

  Instead of going home, Johnathan just stayed there. After all, how could Carolyn be mad when he had the ace in his pocket that she was cheating on him first. Eric woke up early the next morning, kissed Rasheeda goodbye and then headed out the door with a big smile on his face.

  As he arrived home to Carolyn, he smelled of alcohol but tried to play it off as is he just fell asleep at the office. Carolyn was aware he had been somewhere, but of course she did not let on to him that she knew. Instead, she waited on him to get in the shower and went through his phone. Eric unfortunately forgot to erase the evidence that was him thanking Rasheeda for the wonderful night in his phone. Carolyn was mad but she thought smart about this.

  “Maybe if I can meet this Rasheeda, I can get her to make it look like I am leaving Johnathan because he cheated on me,” muttered Carolyn. She would quickly jot down the number and reached out to Rasheeda.

  “I know what you did with my husband. But instead of me going off on you, I have a proposition for you. Would you like to keep sleeping with my husband?”

  Rasheeda was startled when she heard the proposition.

 “Sure, just don’t get me fired.”

  Carolyn set up a time and date and met Rasheeda, giving her money to keep sleeping with her husband. Rasheeda, who was barely making enough to pay her bills, was not going to turn down that money even though she would gladly sleep with Johnathan without the mention of the money.

  Rasheeda and Johnathan would continue to see each other, and he would continue to come home late a few nights a week. Johnathan was enjoying life and Rasheeda too. He was feeling himself. He was feeling himself so much that he picked up another woman in his rotation of women. Her name was Cherry and she just so happened to be an intern at his job.

  As her boss, Johnathan had a close relationship with Cherry because of the work he did, which was a marketing executive. Whenever he needed something for a campaign, Cherry was right there. One night where he was at his job late working on a campaign, Cherry and he were drinking and eating pizza when one thing led to another and Eric threw her across his desk. But unlike sex with Rasheeda, Johnathan did not wear a condom.

  About six weeks later, Cherry would come in Johnathan’s office and ask him to close the door.

“What’s wrong Cherry?”

“Well, Johnathan, I’m late.”

“Late for what? A meeting?”

  Cherry then told Johnathan she was expecting and that he or her boyfriend could be the father. Johnathan saw all his fun times going by the wayside as he had to figure out how to tell his wife he could be having a baby by someone else. And to complicate matters even more, he had to figure out how to tell Rasheeda she wasn’t the only one.

  With all this on his mind, Johnathan began to drink even more. How could he had let this situation he was in control of spiral out of control? Then, one night while he was drinking, he thought of a master plan to make things better. He was going to get Cherry let go by the company for what was considered “inappropriate conduct”.
Cherry, who was about to graduate from college with a degree in marketing, came in the next day wanting to be close to Johnathan since she strongly felt it was his baby. Johnathan drew back and then told her to leave him alone in a tone that would draw the attention of everyone in the office.

“I don’t want you. Quit trying to get me to sleep with you!”  

  As soon as that statement was said by Jonathan, the whole office looked in shock and Cherry cowered in embarrassment as Johnathan had put her in an awkward position.

   After a quick trip to the Human Resources department, Johnathan had her let go from her internship. When she walked out of her meeting with the Human Resources department, he had a check waiting for her and a restraining order as well. She had to stay away from Johnathan and by accepting the money, she also had to accept that the baby was not his, or at least say it. Johnathan got rid of his issue, but he wanted more. He wanted Carolyn gone now, but he could not think of a way to do so.

  When Carolyn asked him about going to the movies, he was shocked. After all, he had barely been home and was honestly not all that into her anymore. He wanted her gone but he did not want to give up half of his income. He had to find a way to work this out and he thought about it the entire time he was in the movie theater.

  On the walk back to the car, Johnathan was fumbling with his key fob while opening the door for Carolyn when a burglar came up. He complied with all the instructions the burglar said and was going to give him everything he had so everyone could stay alive. Then came the moment he heard Carolyn get mad at the burglar for not shooting him. He recognized the voice was Eric and then the plan began to think of how he could make it look like Eric shooting Carolyn was an accident.

  After coming up with a half-witted plan, Johnathan sprang into action, grabbing the gun with Eric’s hands wrapped around it. They wrestled for a minute, but Johnathan was in control, as he was the bigger and stronger man. Then he got the gun in the position he wanted and pressed down on Eric’s hands, firing the gun towards Carolyn.

 While Eric is now running, Johnathan is now safe in the fact he did not kill Carolyn, because theoretically his fingerprints were not on the gun and he could explain it away as a shooting in a robbery. He got what he wanted. He had the house to himself, he could continue to see Rasheeda, he kept his job and still had no kids.

  Eric’s plan failed and now all Johnathan had to do is play this thing off for a few weeks and then he could go back to his player mode. Eric and Carolyn may have been playing checkers, but Johnathan eventually won the chess game.

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