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Seeka.Tv Announces Premiere Date For Second Season Of Black On Both Sides

Seeka.tv has announced the premiere date for the second season of Alonge Hawes’s award winning digital series ‘Black On Both Sides’. The second season, titled “Black On Both Sides: Sankofa”, will make it’s first five episodes available for streaming on Monday, October 12th. The series experienced a slight delay in production due to concerns surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, but it seems Hawes and his crew were able to safely and sufficiently finish filming the highly anticipated sophomore season in time for it’s promised Fall release. In addition to the premiere date, an official season synopsis and title for each of the 8 intended episodes have been provided.

Anansi Moor enters the second season of Black On Both Sides grappling with the state of black America as he continues to juggle his quest for personal vengeance and his ambitions for a brighter future. As continued tragedies push him towards the forefront of a revolution, Anansi must decide if his destiny lies in masterminding from the shadows or grasping the reins of leadership, for his choice will irrevocably entrench not only his own fate, but that of his community.

As in it’s first season, every episode of Black On Both Sides: Sankofa will again be titled and inspired by novels from renowned black authors such as James Baldwin, Zora Neale Hurston, and Langston Hughes.  Each title will share thematic resonance with the work it is titled upon. The episode titles are as follows.

The first season of Black On Both Sides was critically acclaimed, earning 4 star reviews from online publications such as Indyred and 22 Indie Street. Series creator Alonge Hawes was bestowed the Diamond Award for Best Director and Best Actor by the L.A. Shorts Awards. The series was also named Best Web/New Media by the Virgin Spring Cinefest. Co-star Shani Hawes was bestowed the Platinum Award for Best Actress by the L.A. Shorts Awards. The second season has been nominated in three categories ahead of its premiere at the 4th annual Minnesota Webfest, including Best Drama.

Black On Both Sides is created, written, and directed by Hawes, who also stars alongside Julian Robinson as Henry Gil Scott Heron, Kiara Woods as Maya Patterson, Shani Hawes as Nandi Chisholm, Scott Piehler as Cyrus Alexander, Roberto Cruz as Quintoni Mason, and Quentin Williams as Saul Matthews. The series is executive produced by Alonge Hawes and George Reese. Shani Hawes, Jamal Mcclendon, Rodderick Fedd, and Cordarol Sanders serve as producers under A Million Stories One Pen Productions.

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