Misha’s Room Episode 2.2: Rest Easy Grandma Joyce🦋♥️

Hey y’all! Unfortunately, I didn’t keep my promise and drop on September 26th because the bad luck bus was running clean over my ass these past few weeks. In other words, I survived a devastating series of unfortunate events and horrible timing. Here’s something I needed to share, and we’ll be back on the biweekly schedule Thursday, October 10th! Remember you can order copies of both Silver Games AND Scattered Showers on JermishaFrazier.com

This impromptu episode is dedicated to my late Grandma Joyce. She passed away on September 22, 2019. Her funeral was October 5, 2019. I was scared I’d lose my mind. I’m still a bit concerned about that, but I’m trying to practice what I preach so please know I am supported! Thank God I am loved because I couldn’t get through this alone. To be transparent, I’m hoping this episode aids in my process. If you’ve ever felt this pain, I’m open to more help just hit me up. If you haven’t, please take your grandma to lunch or something.

Here’s a piece honoring my Queen. My Grandmotherrrrr. Black. My Protector. My Comforter. The woman who taught me how to love and make “lazy man pot rice.” I love you Grandma Joyce🦋♥️