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Alonge Hawes Original Series ‘Black On Both Sides’ Announces Release Date And Official Synopsis


After a successful world premiere at this year’s Minnesota Webfest, Seeka.tv has announced the official release date and synopsis for Alonge Hawes’s brand new dramatic series Black On Both Sides.


The series, which follows Hawes’s hugely successful independent series Blue Collar Hustle, will bow a four episode premiere on Seeka.tv’s platform on Monday, October 21st.  Moreover, the official synopsis and episode titles have been released for the series.

29 year old Anansi Moor, through mastering the art of “Code-Switching”, has successfully ingratiated himself into the upper echelon of his retail based job at Legacy Wireless.  Through careful study, preparation, and demeanor, Anansi is ostensibly White America’s perfect example of post racial America. Intelligent, witty, well spoken, and just black enough to fill a diversity quota without seeming threatening; Yet behind his carefully curated song and dance lies a motivation that dictates his every move in a game that grows ever more dangerous as the quest for justice, equality, and freedom become the chess moves that will either free the caged bird….or scorch its wings.

The 8 episodes that encompass the first season each share a title that pays homage to a novel written by a renowned black author, and as Hawes describes it “Have thematic resonance with the tone and plot of the episode”. They are as follows:

Chapter 1: The Spook Who Sat By The Door

Chapter 2: The Souls Of Black Folk

Chapter 3: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

Chapter 4: Shadow And Act

Chapter 5: Their Eyes Were Watching God

Chapter 6: The Audacity Of Hope

Chapter 7: Black Boy

Chapter 8: The Fire Next Time

Black On Both Sides is created, written, and Directed by Hawes. Hawes also stars as series protagonist Anansi Moor alongside Scott Piehler (Cyrus Alexander) Lasada Lloyd (Nefertiti Bridges) Julian Robinson (Henry Gil Scott Heron) Shani Hawes (Nandi Chisholm) Claudette Alexander-Thomason (Mama Freeya) Kiara Woods (Maya Patterson) Quentin Williams (Saul Matthews) Devan Dmarcus (Elbert Rahim) Roberto Cruz (Quintoni Mason) and Schelle Purcell (Lilith Alexander). Hawes also serves as Executive Producer alongside George Reese. Shani Hawes, Cordarol Sanders, Rodderick Fedd, and Jamal Mcclendon serve as producers.





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