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Alonge Hawes Adds Familiar Pair To Seeka.TV’s Original Series ‘Black On Both Sides’


It appears that Alonge Hawes is keeping talent for the roles for his upcoming series in-house, as two familiar faces have been attached to key roles.

Both Quentin Williams (Blue Collar Hustle, SHE) and Roberto Cruz (Blue Collar Hustle) have been added to the cast of Black On Both Sides.

Black On Both Sides has been described as a story of “Young African American millennials who are attempting to exist in a setting where blackness must come secondary to business.” The series will explore themes of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, Pan-Africanism, and the ever-evolving meaning of blackness in a post-Obama administration America.

Roberto Cruz will play Quitoni Mason, a front man and “enforcer” for an underground criminal organization that specializes in identity theft and fraud. When business dealings go sour, Quintoni is sent to “collect” payment, by any means necessary. Quentin Williams will play Saul Matthews; the violent, hot-headed partner of Quintoni, whose propensity for cruelty is matched only by his itchy trigger finger.

Quentin Williams and Roberto Cruz are best known for originating the roles of Quan Banneker and Jose Torres on the digital series Blue Collar Hustle, which brought both universal acclaim. Williams was named Best Actor by the LA Shorts Awards; his debut album A Souldier Story, was named Best Soundtrack by the International Independent Film Awards. Cruz was honored by The Southern Shorts Awards with the Award Of Merit as part of the production team behind Blue Collar Hustle’s first season.

Quentin Williams is repped by The League LLC. Roberto Cruz is repped by Sour Gang Entertainment.

Black On Both Sides is expected to premiere this fall on Seeka.tv; a next generation curated platform providing access to the most popular and critically acclaimed independent web series across the globe. The platform boasts nearly 2,000 episodes across more than 150 shows. Seeka.tv offers free viewership from both its online source as well as apps available on iOS, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Android.  Jairus Burks (Greenwood, Blue Collar Hustle, CreamXCoffee) will serve as Director Of Photography. Alonge Hawes, in addition to serving as Creator/Director, will serve as Show-Runner for the series. Hawes will executive produce the project alongside George Reese (Utopia Planitia). Jamal Mcclendon, Shani Hawes, and Rodderick Fedd will serve as producers.




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