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Season Two of Blue Collar Hustle Ends Powerfully

thumbnail (7)I was first exposed to the Blue Collar Hustle Web series earlier this year. Watching the series tremendous amount of growth has been an unforgettable experience. When I was informed that there won’t be a season three, I can’t deny I was a little sad. Season two had a fairy tale ending and left me hungry for more. I have so many unanswered questions and see so much potential for the series, so I can only hope that the creator changes his mind and keeps it going for the culture.

Episode eight starts off with Quan (Quentin Williams) and the mother of his child Briana (Kiara Woods) watching the 2008 presidential election. This is the same scene where Briana reveals to Quan that she is pregnant with their child. The strategic start of episode eight was executed perfectly. Although it displays the progress of Quan and Briana’s relationship and Quan’s music career, it also correlates with the progress of the United States in relation to the presidential election. When Barack Obama wins the presidential election Quan and Briana appear to be happy, in love and in a healthy relationship. Fast forward to the scene where Donald Trump wins the presidential election and we see that Quan and Briana’s relationship has become detrimental, toxic and non existent. I don’t know if this is what the creator was going for, but this is how I interpreted this opening.

A climactic moment in episode eight was Anaya (Tijuana Agnew) saying “fuck you n****” to her husband Ajani (Alonge Hawes). The entire series Anaya is portrayed as calm and collected so seeing her blow up on her husband who has been neglecting her all season had me like YASSSS queen! Subsequently, Anaya storms out to go to her mother’s house and Ajani proceeds to go with his crew to a meeting with a record label. The meeting is a disaster but we observe that consistent with the entire series, Ajani’s priority is making moves for the culture, while his associates are mainly focused on money. This causes the guys to constantly quarrel throughout the last couple episodes which made me as a viewer concerned about the future of their label.

Episode nine focuses on Ajani’s meeting with Asha’s (Shani Hawes) aunt, a successful talent agent in the industry.  The meeting is unsuccessful and it leads to Quan blowing up and deciding to no longer do business with Ajani. I think all of us viewers were devastated watching this scene play out.

The season finale is one for the books. The episode transforms into a rendition of “Living Single” and includes a laugh track and all. I don’t want to give away too much of the season finale, but I will say that everyone has a happy ending. Ajani finally gets the opportunity he deserves and it is a perfect reminder for us to stick to what we believe in and never settle for opportunities represented to us that aren’t the right fit. This series has been extremely inspirational and a reminder that situations and circumstances can change in an instant. I can wholeheartedly declare that this web series is for the culture and every black individual should watch it for some insight on themes like love, culture, family, relationships, death and so much more. Let’s start a petition so they can create Season 3 LOL I’m kidding,  but make sure ya’ll watch Season 1 and Season 2, you won’t regret it. 

To stay connected with the series, make sure you follow the official Blue Collar Hustle page at@Bch_webseries.

Also, follow this link to watch now!

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