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Fellas if you are anything like me you probably think that you are the SHIT in the bedroom. Honestly how many men do you know that would admit to being bad in the sack…?

Yeah Me Either

But according to our women we all aren’t 10’s in the love making department. In fact we apparently have a lot of issues pleasing our women. So in an attempt to get better I have queried every women that would answer me on this topic…

What are some things that Black Men get wrong in the bedroom?

In this 5 part series I will attempt to highlight those Top 5 ways that we get it wrong and I will also attempt to provide solutions to these issues.

Top Five Things Black men get wrong in the bedroom:

1. Lack of Familiarity with the Vagina 

Honorable Mention: Penis Size

Surprisingly, most women didn’t mark this as a concern. Apparently the “little guys” are finding ways to overcome their deficiency by doing things other than penetration. Their lack of size also is overcome by penetrating from different angles (more on that later). They also apparently are more affectionate which goes a long way for women.

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Dealing with a woman’s vagina should not be like a treasure hunt but apparently for some men it is.



One of my female friends told me that “some men just don’t know where the clitoris is.”…

…that is crazy to me being that it is 2018 but I believe her.

What it tells me is that if you don’t know where the clit is you probably don’t care much for your partner (which happens).

But having said all of that if you STILL don’t know here are two diagrams of the vagina and the sex relevant areas.

Diagram of Vagina’s Erotic Zones Internal:

Now that you can identify the various components of the vagina, you need to know what parts are the relevant pleasure zones during sex. Of the twelve ways a women can orgasm seven potentially involve the vagina (anus included). Those orgasm types are:

  1. Clitoris – Orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris
  2. G-Spot – Orgasm through stimulation of the small spongy area above the vagina wall
  3. Cervix – Orgasm through applying pressure to the Cervix
  4. U-Spot – Orgasm through stimulation of the area around the Urinary Opening (squirting)
  5. Anal – Orgasm through stimulation of the anus
  6. Blended Orgasm – Orgasm through stimulating more than one area at a time
  7. Multiple Orgasms – Multiple orgasms come in two forms: sequential (one right after the other, with rest time in between) and serial (one right after another)

Here are a few video tutorials on how you can help her achieve the big O:

Hand Stimulation Techniques For Explosive Orgasms

G-Spot Orgasms: Tips and Techniques to Stimulate Her 

Now fellas I know you will feel pressure in trying to make her achieve these orgasm types and that would be a mistake. Before you rush off and try to go ham on these Zones make sure you know who your partner is and what she likes. If she isn’t comfortable with her body or not relaxed the achievement of most of these will be next to impossible. You have to ensure that she is relaxed and aroused before you can begin to see results.

Also make sure that everything you do to her body is done with focus and intent. The Focus and Intent should always be about pleasing her. That’s the only real way to ensure that she is satisfied.


P.S. Some things you shouldn’t do to the vagina:

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2. Do Not Bite IT 

I have heard women say men have used their teeth during oral sex. Why, why and why? Fellas I doubt that it feels good

3. Don’t Ignore the Clit 

I have also heard the complaint that some men spend a lot of time licking everything BUT the clit during oral sex. Not wise considering that the majority of the nerves in the vagina are located in the clit. Which means she probably doesn’t feel much bro! FOCUS!

4. Rabbit Sex 

 Fellas I know you probably have learned most of your sexual technique from porn. Which is fine, most women probably do that same but… Just because you see Wesley Pipes pump her vagina into submission doesn’t mean that’s what works for her. Remember in Porn they shoot for what looks good on camera not for what feels good for her. So the next time you decide you want to beat it up remember, changing up the pace can go a long with towards making her vagina happy!

5. Tend to your fingers 

Putting dirty fingers or unclipped nails in her vagina is no Bueno. Your fingernails trap numerous types of bacteria and should be sanitized. Unclipped nails can cause her harm internally. The one thing you don’t want to hear from her is OWWWWW or Ouch. Handle that fellas.

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